Are hot flashes during pregnancy harmless?

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Are hot flashes during pregnancy harmless?
Are hot flashes during pregnancy harmless?

Hot flashes during pregnancy are a completely normal symptom. In most cases, they are caused by the sudden changes in hormones during this period.

Some women take it as a wake-up call, making episodes of heat, shortness of breath and flushing even worse. This is due to the anxiety of the condition, and as we know, any anxiety causes the secretion of stress hormones. They can worsen hot flashes and increase anxiety.

Regular fluctuations in hormonal balance during pregnancy provoke continuous changes in hormone levels, especially estrogen. They are responsible for the ebb and flow of heat in the body.

Most often hot flashes are felt in the head, neck, chest. They can last from a few seconds to a few minutes. If they continue for a longer time, it is necessary to consult a doctor to rule out possible serious conditions.

When are hot flashes more common?

Unlike most pregnancy symptoms, which are mostly manifested at the beginning, hot flashes are more typical for the second and third semesters. They become most intense as childbirth approaches. If you breastfeed from the beginning these symptoms will pass much faster.

However, it is possible for hot flashes to intensify after childbirth and during breastfeeding. According to one study, 29% of women reported increased hot flashes during breastfeeding, especially at night.

Heat waves come and go. But it is extremely important to know the difference between hot flashes and fever. A fever is characterized by an increase in body temperature and chills, while in hot flashes there is only a feeling of heat, which does not actually change the body temperature.

High temperature and fever may indicate infection or inflammation during pregnancy and require medical attention.

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