Hammock, kangaroo, sling scarf or stroller?

Hammock, kangaroo, sling scarf or stroller?
Hammock, kangaroo, sling scarf or stroller?

From a very young age, the baby shows great curiosity. It is a pleasure for him to accompany you from room to room, to follow you with his eyes, to listen to you speak to him.

Give him this pleasure by putting him in a small hammock or a canvas chair with a back. After a few days of adaptation, the baby will feel very comfortable in it and will have the feeling that it is part of the family's life.

Be careful not to put the chair up high because there is a danger of it falling!

wrapped around your chest, you provide the opportunity for very great physical intimacy. The shawl, usually measuring 4.60m or 5.20m when well tied, allows the most suitable position of the baby for its he alth and comfort.

It sits with support on the buttocks and hips, and its back is well supported. The carrier is also in a good position: the baby is snug against it and the center of gravity is in its natural place. With a little practice, you'll quickly find how easily the scarf adjusts to the physical characteristics of the wearer.

You can easily find all the details about this traditional and at the same time modern way of carrying the baby on the Internet.

The, which is placed on the front of the chest and has a headrest, allows you to carry the baby next to you, and your hands are free. The baby snuggles inside you, rediscovers the memory of your walk and the beats of your heart. It generally feels great and you can wear it for hours without it displeasing.


Carts? Difficulty falling asleep? Put a baby in the kangaroo and do the housework as a mother kangaroo. Need to go shopping? Your baby will feel much better snuggled up warm against your chest under your coat than alone in the stroller.

Don't worry about his vertebrae or spine. Don't African babies, carried from birth by their mothers on their backs, become excellent athletes? Baby starting to weigh you down on longer walks? In that case, trust the baby and the kangaroo to the daddy.

If you rely on a stroller for the baby's walk, it is necessary to raise him so that he is in a semi-sitting position so that he can see what is going on around him. If he is lying down and his head is deep inside the stroller, the walk is definitely uninteresting for the baby.

Curiosity is vital for a child. This is the force that drives him to learn new things and discover the world. And it will put a lot of energy into it. If curiosity is combined with pleasure and enrichment, then it will remain until the end of his childhood. This is precisely where the baby's intelligence lies: the power with which it gradually gets to know its surroundings and tries to understand and change it.

The baby will accumulate an unsuspected amount of knowledge thanks to the rich experience and research of what is happening around him.

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