How to get kids to listen to you?

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How to get kids to listen to you?
How to get kids to listen to you?

rarely listen to their parents. It's a common phenomenon to do the exact opposite of what mom says. All kids do. It's completely normal. But there are some things and tricks that parents get wrong too.

To get your children to listen to you more and listen more to what you tell them and what you want them to do, you need to improve your parenting methods. How to do this?

Say it in a single word

The best way to ask children to do something or listen to you is to say it as clearly as possible. They usually know what they should do, but they deliberately don't do it. Use all your available seriousness and firmness and briefly state your wish or recommendation.

Explain, give information

The best way to get children to listen to you is to state the facts clearly, not just give commands. The instinctive reaction of children is to resist commands and standing orders.

Children must get used to exercising their free will in order to grow up independent and upright people. The subtlety is in the skill of the parent to "teach" his experience, not to impose it as the only correct one.

So explain in detail why you are suggesting your way when you get kids to do something. Explain why you want something from the children - let them have all the information. So they will gradually learn to judge what is right and why they should not automatically oppose your every request or suggestion.

Give children a choice

Threats and punishments are not effective. They do not really educate, but through fear make children act in a certain direction. This is not how cooperation is built, but awe, which is not equal to love and understanding.

If you force a child to do something against his will and systematically, you risk him becoming a stubborn and stubborn adult who will get used to doing things the wrong way on purpose.

Express your expectations

It is good to share with the children what your expectations are, how you would be happy if things happened a certain way. Explain why you want something from them, not just silently demand it. It is good for children to get used to reasoned motivation from a young age, this helps in their further development.

Understand their feelings

It is harmful to tell a child: "Stop crying now!". Thus, the child feels that the parent is not interested in the reason for his crying. This can leave lasting scars on the fragile child's psyche.

Show the children that you understand them, that you feel where their stubbornness and disobedience comes from. You will see how much easier communication will begin to flow between you.

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