How to teach our child to give?

How to teach our child to give?
How to teach our child to give?

In the world of children, consideration for others, tolerance and sharing are still undeveloped values that parents must inculcate in their young heirs from an early age.

Expressions like " I want this", " It's mine" and " Give me your bear ' are perfectly normal for teenagers. In children, the sense of selfishness is heightened, for the simple reason that one's primal desire to put oneself first with them is still dominant.

As children grow older, society, parenting and experience cultivate a sense of tolerance. But until that moment comes, there are a few things moms need to know so they can deal with selfish behavior when it escalates.

Pay attention to how your child understands the concept of giving and sharing. Never do it in a threatening or commanding tone. A good way to show your child that giving doesn't necessarily mean giving up something is to have him give out a cookie to everyone in the house, including himself. This is a good way to teach the concept of "giving." The following are examples of what we can and cannot give, for example - valuables.

Have your child make three gift lists whenever there is an occasion. One should include gifts for the child, the second should refer to family members, and the third – to a neighboring family, for example. On the child's birthday, explain to him the importance of giving up one of his gifts to a charity campaign for poor children.

Explain to the child how much time in the month and what budget you spend on charity. Also explain to him what voluntary donation actually is. Take him on Saturday to help hand out food to the poor at a homeless shelter with you, for example. Give him more personal examples by cleaning the playground where the children play on the weekend.

Show them your enthusiasm for giving. Involve children in the excitement of choosing a gift for someone else, make them wonder what that person likes, think about what they could to please him. Try to make them understand how important it is to enjoy other people's joy.

Think about how you can combine the useful with the pleasant This concept is extremely appropriate. It is always easier to raise our children by a method that is interesting to them and does not force them to do something. Take a weekend trip to a place that has a home for orphans or poor people. Discuss with your child what you can do for these people. In this way, you will show your child how families can contribute to those in need.

Educating virtues in adolescents is not always an easy task. It is essential to set a good example for the child. Don't stop paying attention to him on giving and voluntary deprivation whenever you get the chance.

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