Is cohabitation with the mother-in-law possible?

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Is cohabitation with the mother-in-law possible?
Is cohabitation with the mother-in-law possible?

Most young families prefer to live independently and independently of their parents, and this is somewhat understandable. Different generations, values and understandings. But when children come along, young parents often need the support of their elders.

Yes, different generations have differences in their understanding of life and the upbringing of children. Still, if you make it clear from the start who makes the rules, cohabitation won't feel so bad.

Set boundaries first

Grandparents often pamper the little ones. Their parenting model will probably differ from yours, which can be a little confusing for the little ones and they may not understand at some point what is allowed and what is not. There will be times when you'll be soothing a crying baby with the latest advice from the internet, while grandma and grandpa put him to sleep the way they put you to sleep.

There will be times when you will feel that you have no personal space, that someone is constantly crossing the line. This slight misunderstanding can be ironed out by talking. All misunderstandings can be ironed out when there is good communication.

Look for the compromise

Despite all the challenges that will come from living together, you need to build an even stronger bond with your parents. Sometimes young people seem to defy the advice of adults just because they want to prove that they have grown up. In time, when your children are grown, you will notice that you will be just as concerned as your parents were.

Take advantage of the free babysitter

Don't forget that thanks to grandparents, you and your partner will be able to take a breather and travel just the two of you, go to a party, a restaurant. When you are an ambitious woman for whom a career is important, parental support at these times is crucial. Thanks to their help, you will be able to work on your projects in peace.

Gain experience

And to this big happy family comes the image of the mother-in-law. She's the one who, despite disagreements, will overrule you on night shifts by the baby's crib. She is the one from whom you will also learn how to create family coziness. In general, a big happy family that includes parents is achievable as long as there is good communication and tolerance towards each other.

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