The surest sign that we think our child is big

The surest sign that we think our child is big
The surest sign that we think our child is big

When do you think is the time when we already have the child old enough and we don't have to watch him every second - will he hit the edge, will he not eat the dirt in the pot, to push something or hurt oneself with something. When do we take a break?

Mothers are always on their toes, they are always on combat alert. Especially if the child has just walked, we watch him closely and can rest only when he is sleeping.

But the surest sign that we have already calmed down that nothing bad will happen to our gold is when we start closing the bathroom door and the toilet and we get lonely without worrying.

Otherwise, when they are alone in the house with the child, mothers constantly want to hear and, if possible, see what happens to their precious we alth.

Well, that's why babyphones were invented! – someone will exclaim! Precisely because the mother wants to see and hear what her child is doing at all times.

However, the thing is that not every mother in Bulgaria can afford this miracle of technology, which for many people in the world is nothing at all, but convenience in everyday life.

But in our house, the still open door… of the toilet, the bathroom, the kitchen… is the babyphone we trust.

When we start to close it, then we are already sure that our child is independent enough and will survive for some time out of our control.

Do you remember when you started closing the door? Or do you have a different measure of your child's maturity? Another way to keep it safe and track while doing urgent things at home?

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