Why are kisses important for a baby?

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Why are kisses important for a baby?
Why are kisses important for a baby?

Kissing a baby is the most natural thing a parent does. Did you know that kissing can improve the immunity of little ones? Not only that. Kissing connects mother and child emotionally.

In the following lines, you will see a few more good reasons to not stop showing tenderness to the little ones.

Kissing your baby can affect his IQ

Every parent has received "good advice" from an acquaintance or an older parent to let their baby cry. Babies should not be neglected when they seek attention or cry. Without reflecting on these understandings of their own, some adults who support the thesis that the baby thus becomes more emotionally independent and strong, actually harm children when they ignore their cries.

In a study conducted by scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, brain imaging revealed that a mother's love morphologically influences the baby's brain. The brain's learning and memory center, which is also associated with stress responses, is called the hippocampus.

The hippocampus in children who were raised well was 10% larger than those who did not receive enough kisses and hugs. The child's brain is very flexible and the cultural environment in which the child develops plays a big role in its formation.

In her book “Why Love Matters”,Sue Gerhard (British psychoanalyst) explains how showing affection to a baby helps it grow. The author of the book believes that:

Loving the baby and showing it, through touches or responding to the baby's cues, helps the baby's brain develop. The little ones feel safe, but also, the brain has the opportunity to develop in different aspects.

Your baby is developing a strong stress response.

You help your baby retain more information in the prefrontal cortex of the brain. It is responsible for saving new information, for finding the already "stored one", the very process of processing information, focusing attention on external phenomena, thoughts, for the flexible way of thinking, the change in behavior as a result of changing the environment, participates in emotional behavior and others.

Kissing helps the baby experience the positive aspects of love, builds more neural connections in the brain, thereby making the baby smarter.

Your baby will learn to be empathetic

Expressing love to your baby through kissing, touching or cuddling helps him build his unique personality.

Not only physical he alth is encouraged, but also emotional he alth.

Most babies who were fed lots of love become sensitive to the needs of others, interact well with other children, build successful relationships, and are more successful academically than children whose mothers are not gave and continue to not give them the same care.

The benefits of kissing extend into adulthood, and when it's time for them to raise their own children, they'll largely follow their parents' attitude pattern.

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