What will be the hottest days in August 2012

What will be the hottest days in August 2012
What will be the hottest days in August 2012

Heat again and perhaps new temperature records await us in the month of August 2012, forecasters warn.

The hottest days in the coming month are shaping up to be at the beginning - August 6 and 7.

Maximum temperatures will mostly be between 30 and 35°. The lowest temperatures during the month will be between 10 and 15°.

On most days of the first ten days, the weather will be sunny. there will be more rain and thunderstorms on the first day and the last days of the period, when temperatures will also be relatively cooler, and the middle of the period will be sunny and hot. Around the sixth and seventh of August, the highest temperatures are expected – between 33 and 38°, reports Dnes.bg

It is not excluded that it will reach 40 degrees again in some places. During the last days of the ten-day period, there is an increased probability of a cold atmospheric front passing through and short-term precipitation and thunderstorms.

At the beginning of the second ten-day period, it is again possible to rain and thunder in places. From August 13 until the end of the ten-day period, sunny weather will prevail, and temperatures will rise.

There will be plenty of sunny days during the third ten-day period as well. In the first half and at the end, there will be an increased probability of the passage of atmospheric disturbances.

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