Calcium and magnesium against muscle cramps

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Calcium and magnesium against muscle cramps
Calcium and magnesium against muscle cramps

Severe deficiency of calcium and magnesium in the body is the most common cause of muscle cramps, also known as cramps Did you know you have the midnight sensation of thousands of sharp needles stuck in your leg - this is precisely the unpleasant manifestation of the lack of calcium in your body.


Muscle cramps are not abnormal in pregnancy, especially at night. The reason lies in the alteration of calcium processing. Cramps in the leg or foot are most common, so if this happens to you, slowly stretch the muscle that is bothering you. Eat foods rich in calcium or consult your doctor about calcium supplements.

Morning sickness

Despite what it's called, "morning sickness" can occur throughout the day, most often in the first three months. To prevent nausea and even vomiting, eat smaller portions more often and avoid hunger. Do not go to bed immediately after eating. In the morning, start with crackers, toast or cereal, focus on light, low-fat foods that are easily digested, such as bananas and rice. Drink fluids and avoid odors that are unpleasant to you. If you develop flu symptoms or have chronic nausea, contact a specialist.

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