10 Compliments Moms DON'T Enjoy

10 Compliments Moms DON'T Enjoy
10 Compliments Moms DON'T Enjoy

You are a mother of one, two or more children. You can't get enough of the madhouse at home, the adventure of being a parent, because it's pure adventure, but sometimes you hear some supposedly "kind" words that make you mad inside and want to scream. Why? Because there are people who either don't think about what they say and when they say something, they don't feel that they can offend you, or they do it on purpose. Regardless of the reason for these "compliments", far from sounding nice and caressing to your ears, quite the opposite. They insult you and make you angry. Well, lovely ladies, you are not alone. If you have heard at least once one of the phrases listed below and managed to keep your cool, then you are a heroine! We admit to ourselves that we don't always succeed and sometimes we hiss like real snakes when we hear such "compliments". And to the ladies who have said any of these phrases without realizing it, we would advise them to avoid them in the future, because they really are not among the kindest and most encouraging expressions for a mother.

1. Oh, how cute the children are! Copy of your father!

2. You're too young to have two kids!

3. Did you have a c-section? You probably chose the easy way.

4. Well done for being brave enough to go back to work so soon after giving birth. I could not give my child to a stranger.

5. You look great for a mom this age!

6. How lucky you are that your husband makes enough money so you don't have to work!

7. You don't look bad for a mother of two!

8. You've gotten so beautiful, I didn't even recognize you!

9. How good it is to be on maternity leave and to be at home! I couldn't stay at home and do nothing all day.

10. You're pretty brave to take such a small baby outside.

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