Common skin problems in babies

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Common skin problems in babies
Common skin problems in babies

have very soft and sensitive skin. They are highly susceptible to a wide variety of skin problems, rashes and diseases.

Rashes appear alarming and are a major source of concern for parents. The good news is that most rashes are self-limiting. However, some of them need medical attention.

See the most common skin problems in newborn babies.


This type of rash is common and is caused by the extensive use of diapers. Steaming with a diaper leads to the creation of an environment suitable for the development of fungi.

Controlling this rash is very easy. Apply a protective anti-fungal cream and try to isolate skin folds where the risk of moisture retention is greater.


It is quite normal for newborns to suffer from acne or similar pimples. This is due to the effect of the mother's hormones, which are filtered through the placenta into the baby's blood. They appear as pink spots on the face.

Most parents worry, but there is no need. Most often, baby acne subsides after about a month and does not require treatment.

Erythema toxic

It sounds scary, but this skin condition is self-limiting.

It usually appears as tiny red spots with a concentrated white spot in the middle. It can appear anywhere on the body.

The most important factor to consider is the baby's he althy diet. If the baby eats, pees, does not have a fever, remains awake and active even at night, responds to the mother's stimuli, then there is no cause for concern, even with this kind of rashes.

However, if the baby stops eating and doing all other activities, appears dazed and silent, then the condition should be evaluated by a specialist.


Eczema is a common problem that affects babies around 2-3 months of age or later. Eczema looks like a red, itchy area on the cheeks or chest.

These babies usually have very dry skin that flakes or has tiny watery blisters.

The severity of eczema is variable. It can appear periodically on the child's body until he matures.

The best solution for eczema is good moisturizing and using soaps with a neutral pH.


Milia or comedones is also a common skin condition. It represents white spots that appeared due to blockage of the sebaceous glands under the skin. Fat deposits and sebum accumulate in the subcutaneous tissue, resulting in comedones.

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