Various uses of baby wipes

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Various uses of baby wipes
Various uses of baby wipes

One of the things that every parent must have on hand for their baby is baby wipes. They come in handy whenever you need to wipe the baby. If you have an abundance of them, you're probably wondering what else you can use them for before they dry out and you have to throw them away. Here are some ideas for alternative uses for baby wipes that will benefit you around the house.

For cleaning shoes

Baby wipes are gentle on shoe leather, yet effective enough to remove s alt or mud stains.

To clean the dog's paws

Baby wipes are specially designed to be gentle on your baby's delicate skin. This means that if you use them to clean your dog's paws after a walk, his he alth is not put at risk. Baby wipes are safe for this purpose and help owners who are in a hurry and don't have time to wash the dog's feet in the shower after every walk.

For sticking on letter envelopes

If you don't like licking envelopes when you close them, use baby wipes. Gently rub the wet wipe into the glue on the envelope and it will activate.

For gentle cleaning of plants

If you grow plants at home, you must have noticed that dust collects on their leaves. You can clean the dust from your plants using the baby wipes without damaging your favorite flowers and plants.

For cleaning electronics

Baby wipes are gentle on your devices too. You can clean your phone, laptop, keyboard and all electronic devices in your home with their help.

To wipe stains from the sofa

You don't always have the opportunity to wash or thoroughly clean the sofa. Baby wipes come to help in wiping small stains. They are gentle on the leather or damask of the upholstered furniture, but they effectively remove various stubborn dirt.

To remove deodorant or sweat smell from underarms

If you've sweated during the day but can't shower, wipe your armpits with baby wipes and apply deodorant. Bad smell is effectively removed. Baby wipes are also suitable for removing dark underarm deodorant stains.

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