Alternative uses for baby wipes

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Alternative uses for baby wipes
Alternative uses for baby wipes

Baby wipes are designed to clean the delicate skin of little ones in extreme conditions when mothers do not have access to water, soap or disinfectant. They are gentle on baby's skin, do not cause irritation and are first aid in many situations.

However, baby wipes can be used for many other things in everyday life. Here are the most amazing alternative uses for baby wipes!

For cleaning and polishing shoes

There are no harmful chemicals in baby wipes that would harm the leather or textile of your shoes. Therefore, you can use them quite calmly to polish and remove dirt from shoes.

To wipe dust

Want to save laundry on dusting cloths? Then use baby wipes! They are a great alternative to rags. They do an equally effective job while saving you time and effort in washing reusable rags.

Easily removes stains from carpet and flooring

Did your kids spill something on the carpet or floor? Use wet baby wipes. They won't stain the carpet, won't damage the parquet or laminate, and will do a great job!


Clean the keyboard

Millions of bacteria linger on the keyboard, mouse and desktop. Not every time you can clean all this with alcohol. However, you can do it with wet wipes. Keep a pack of baby wipes on your desk for quick and easy germ cleaning!

To remove makeup

Baby wipes are so gentle and skin-friendly that you can even remove your makeup with them. They do not irritate the skin and do not cause redness of the eyes.

Soothe your skin

Baby wipes contain substances that soothe irritated baby skin. That is why baby wipes are suitable for soothing skin irritated by the sun, wind and atmospheric conditions. Just gently rub the affected area with a wet cloth. Then apply the necessary remedy for the respective problem.

Refresh the cabinets

Cabinets often get more dust than we think. Instead of pulling everything out and cleaning the basics with detergents and water, use wet wipes. With them, it will be much easier for you to wipe well without creating a lot of headaches.

To remove deodorant stains from clothes

Baby wipes successfully remove dried deodorant stains on clothes. You should rub the affected area before washing with the tissue and then put it in the washing machine. You can also hand wash by pre-soaking the garment according to the instructions on the label.

To clean car windows

While driving, all kinds of dirt and dead flies collect on the windows of the car. You can easily clean them if you have baby wipes. They remove dirt without fogging the glass.

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