Parents, pay attention to the older child too

Parents, pay attention to the older child too
Parents, pay attention to the older child too

Becoming a papa or kaka is really a joy and kind of like getting a promotion. But it also means that from now on you will have to share your parents' time with the uninvited guest who cries, pees and can't even play…

This is probably what he thinks or feels subconsciously. That's why it's important for parents to help him find his place.

The older child needs to understand that your attitude towards him has not changed, that your heart just got bigger Therefore, while the baby is sleeping, find time to engage with the older child, talk and play with him. Remind him how proud he has grown, how much you love him and rely on him. Be understanding of his bouts of jealousy

If the baby was born into a family with more children, it will face a large welcoming committee. You, of course, have prepared the older child or children so that they will not feel left out or disappointed but enriched by the arrival of the new family member.

During your pregnancy, they were excited and eager to see their new gaming companion. The arrival of the squealing newborn that everyone adores sometimes changes everything. Not to mention that mom devotes all her time to him and he sleeps in the room with his parents!

In this situation, it can easily appear, of sharing, of respect for the other. This period lays the foundations of coexistence skills and requires understanding, affection and vigilance from parents.

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