Putting on the first earrings - what to pay attention to?

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Putting on the first earrings - what to pay attention to?
Putting on the first earrings - what to pay attention to?

Putting on earrings is one of the first beauty manipulations that almost all girls go through. In most cases, everything passes without many tears and complications. However, it's good to remember a few basic steps if this manipulation is coming your way soon.

It is good to consult a pediatrician before putting earrings on the ears In some western countries, this step is taken when the child has had a certain number of vaccines. Therefore, it is good to consult a specialist, but most often mothers put earrings on their daughters after the little ones have reached the age of 6 months.

During manipulation it is good to take the child inside you (especially if it is small). This will predispose him. Bring along a favorite toy or a new book for him to explore. Sometimes good preparation can make the manipulation go without many tears.

Pay attention to sterility

Before the earrings are placed, the beautician or dermatologist (not all dermatologists perform this manipulation) must wash their hands, put on sanitary gloves, rinse the piercing gun with an antibacterial agent, and also and clean the child's ears before insertion.

Visit a specialist who has repeatedly placed earrings on young children. For babies and little girls who find it difficult to stay in one place, earring placement should be done by an experienced professional. Ask your loved ones if they can recommend a reputable salon.

Ask how the procedure will go. Whether they will clean the child's ears with a disinfectant, whether it is necessary to put some pain-relieving spray and whether there is a risk to the child's he alth.

What metal is suitable for earrings?

Usually the earrings that will be inserted are made of medical grade steel and are unlikely to cause an allergic reaction. Gold earrings are also a good option.

How to clean the ears when the earrings are in place?

Pain and discomfort should subside within four to six weeks. Twice a day, clean the area around the earring with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol (unless you have been instructed otherwise). Also, gently rotate the earrings while they are on the ears without removing them. Some moms rub the area around the earring with coconut oil, to heal the ears faster, but you can also use herbal decoctions of sumac for example.

During the first weeks, it is normal to have slight redness where the earrings are. Rarely, but it is still possible to have swelling and discharge of secretion, sometimes purulent. If you notice something wrong, it's a good idea to consult a specialist. To avoid infections keep an eye on the child if he does not touch his ears, it is also good not to get the ears wet with water in the first days. It will be a few months before you change the first earrings, so choose ones that are really beautiful and suitable for your little girl.

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