Little children and the stomach flu

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Little children and the stomach flu
Little children and the stomach flu

Stomach flu in young children is very insidious. It begins with a very mild fever and scanty stools, but soon worsens. Vomiting begins, the child does not want to eat anything. The risk of dehydration in children is very high.

What are the symptoms of stomach flu in young children?


One of the first symptoms of stomach flu in young children is loss of appetite. This way you will know that something is wrong before the diarrhea starts.

Pains and spasms in the stomach, upset, vomiting follow. In older children, typical symptoms, in addition to vomiting, are nausea without vomiting, fever, convulsions, indigestion.

Is stomach flu dangerous?

And yes and no. The worst thing to absolutely avoid is dehydration. Most children recover without problems.

Dehydration is a lot because it can happen very quickly. Children do not know that they should drink a lot of water when they have diarrhea and vomiting, which is the main cause of this complication.

Babies and young children get dehydrated easily, so watch closely for alarming symptoms:

  • languor
  • dry diapers (child does not urinate)
  • dry mouth
  • little or no crying
  • engulfed fontanelle

Dehydration in young children often leads to hospitalization, because the only way for a child to take fluids against his will is by infusion.


How to reduce the chance of your child getting stomach flu?

The basic rule is frequent hand washing with soap and water, not wet wipes and gel detergents. Eating utensils should be washed thoroughly after each meal, not rinsed over and over. When you are, wash your hands well, whether the child is he althy or not, because fecal bacteria itself increases the risk of infection.

Avoid eating the child's food as well as using the same utensils.

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