Safetying the home for young children

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Safetying the home for young children
Safetying the home for young children

Small children are difficult to protect from various dangers. They are fast, agile and nimble and the slightest carelessness on the part of parents can turn out to be risky.

What do you need to know to make the home safe for the toddler?

Keep small objects out of reach of the child

Small figurines, needles, balls, parts of something, candies, nuts, coins, pens - all small things that your child might accidentally swallow or shove up their nose should be hidden very well or at least raised high enough so that he cannot reach them without assistance.

It's good for a child to grow up with a pet, but you have to be careful

When a child grows up taking care of, it is wonderful. The child learns care, attention, tolerance and respect for other living beings, as well as for people.


But if the child is still very young, take care not to leave him completely alone with the animal. Choose carefully which animal you will take. If your child is under 3 years old, it is best not to bring an animal with sharp claws, such as a cat, because they are wayward and you never know how they will react to a surprise from the child.

Of course, everything also depends on the animal, if you are sure of its obedience and

Always be prepared for extreme situations

With young children, you never know what may come next at any moment. Therefore, always have a stocked first aid kit, the numbers of your GP and an emergency nearby. It's good to familiarize yourself with first aid techniques, if you need them - they choke, fall, swallow their tongue and what not.

It's good to be prepared for any situation.

Keep detergents and disinfectants away

Children have a bad habit of swallowing substances unsuitable for drinking. Liquid soaps, household products, perfumes – everything must be properly hidden. Toiletries are no less toxic. Even toothpaste should not be swallowed, let alone other washing or styling products.

It is best to keep them locked in a separate special cabinet for the purpose.

Cover Contacts

Put covers on the sockets or cover them with foil so that the child cannot access them. Don't know why messing with the contact is an affinity of many children.


Kitchen appliances and sharp knives out of children's sight

Kitchen appliances and sharp utensils must be locked in a special cabinet or stored high enough so that the child cannot reach them. The reasons are more than clear.

Keep the fluffy toys away from the child during sleep

The risk of suffocation lurks everywhere. Fluffy toys, teddy bears and their varieties are children's favorites and probably contribute to comfort and warmth during winter nights, but it is better to keep them away from the sleeping child. Dress him up in warm and fluffy pajamas instead. It does a similar job, but is far safer.

Keep the children out of sight

Do not leave children near water, steep stairs, terraces, balconies, access to roofs without supervision. Children can make a mess out of anything, so we have to be on our guard. Sometimes children play crazy games that pose a serious risk to he alth and life.

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