What is it like to be born on the border between Leo and Virgo

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What is it like to be born on the border between Leo and Virgo
What is it like to be born on the border between Leo and Virgo

Each zodiac has its own characteristics. The place, day and time of birth determine to a large extent what our character will be, what qualities we will possess, what we will be as people in general. In Leo season, we can't help but wonder what those born right on the border between Leo and Virgo are like. Virgo is the zodiac sign that ranks after Leo in the zodiac. When you're born on the day between the two signs, it can't help but leave its mark on your character and personality.

Those born between Leo and Virgo right at the transition between the two zodiac signs often combine qualities from both zodiac signs. The result is a superb combination ruled by two planets – Mercury and Venus.

What are those born on the border between Leo and Virgo?

High self-esteem and high standards

When a person combines the best of the qualities of two zodiac signs, it is normal internally and subconsciously to increase their self-esteem. That is why the standards he pursues are high. Virgo is precise and accurate. She is meticulous in every way. Has high expectations of both himself and others. Leo is regal, a leader, a leader who loves the limelight. He always knows how to attract attention and keep it with his qualities.

Good Helpers

Leo is ruled by the Sun, which makes it extremely generous, warm and full of positive energy. Virgo does not have such bright energy as Leo, but nevertheless, she cares for the people around her and does her best to make them feel good. This sign sees all the details that the Leo in you misses, blinded by their own qualities and slight arrogance.

They achieve everything they want

Virgos take great responsibility in everything they do. They are wonderful at making a plan and goals to pursue. They consider their every move and are careful in their execution. Leos are more chaotic, it is not easy for them to be so organized, but they are extremely hardworking and focused in what they do. Virgo's analytical side helps Leo focus. Combined with the inherent courage of Leo, people born on the border between the two signs know how to achieve everything in life.

They are both strong and expressive speakers

Leos are ruled by the Sun. This helps them draw all the attention to themselves when they appear in public. Leos adore the attention of others. They express themselves creatively. They know how to leave an impression on others. Virgos are ruled by Mercury, the planet of thoughtful communicators. They are very good speakers. They know how to handle words well.

Combine work and pleasure

Virgo is associated with the sixth house in astrology, which is associated with routine, work. Leos are associated with the fifth house, which rules romance, creativity, passion projects. The fusion of these two zodiac signs combines work and pleasure in a very successful way. The balance between these two components is extremely harmonious for those born on the border between Leo and Virgo. They know how to be two sides of the same coin in every sense.

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