The dark side of Libra

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The dark side of Libra
The dark side of Libra

Even the kindest, warmest and most sensitive people have their dark sides. Libra is one of the zodiac signs that always manage to be kind, considerate and correct to others. However, some situations can cause them to show their negative character traits.

What is the dark side of Libra?

1. They are selfish

Libras are usually the most charitable and empathetic of the zodiac. At certain times, however, their selfishness is manifested. They get excited about the finer things in life and don't hesitate for a moment when they need to achieve something.

2. They can be superficial

Libras adore beauty in life. They will be the first to introduce you to the new trends in colors for this season, to fashion accessories and trends, but they will definitely not be in time with serious topics, especially from social and political life. Sometimes this tendency to take a superficial view of life also interferes with their everyday life.

3. They are hard to bond with

Even if this happens, the relatives and their partner do not feel it very prominently. Libras are among the zodiac signs that don't really dig deep into their relationships and always make themselves the priority. If it doesn't work, they just say "the next one!"

4. They are indecisive

One of the downsides of Libra's character is that they are quite indecisive. This is negative more for themselves than for others. Libras tend to keep quiet just so as not to disturb others.

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