Physical features that make you attractive to others

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Physical features that make you attractive to others
Physical features that make you attractive to others

is a real phenomenon. It goes far beyond the look we're used to pointing to as the main culprit in whether a person is attractive or not. Beauty is also not a major factor. It turns out that people are attracted to certain traits that make the person opposite them remarkable and attractive.

What are these traits that make you attractive to others around you intimately and beyond?


Forget about perfect body curves for a moment. The results of a study by scientists from the University of Manchester found that lips are the most attractive physical attribute of a woman. Scientists have found that pink or red full lips hold a man's attention longer, which automatically sends signals to his brain that the woman in front of him is more attractive and remarkable than the rest.

Insistent eye contact

Having beautiful eyes may be important to get noticed, but there is something much more attractive than subjectively beautiful eyes. It is. When you look carefully at your partner when they are talking and show your interest in them, it instantly makes you stand out from the crowd. Eye contact is an indirect statement that you want to be noticed and deserve special attention. That's what you get.

Snow white teeth

Research shows that no person asked would say they prefer yellow or bad-looking teeth when it comes to attractiveness. Snow-white and well-groomed teeth are one of the most attractive features.

Wide Radiant Smile

When you smile like nothing can dim your happiness, there's no way you won't be noticed. It makes you attractive and charming. Everyone would like to communicate with you. And men will be your constant candidates, fighting for your heart.

More pronounced hips

A number of studies show that women with more pronounced and wider hips, as well as more juicy thighs, are. This is because this type of figure sends a signal to the male brain that the woman is capable of giving him a he althy offspring. It's simple - this mechanism has been encoded in our genes since evolution.


The more withdrawn and unsociable you are, the less those around you will feel the desire to break down your barriers. Conversely, if you radiate confidence, have high self-esteem and are not ashamed of yourself, this makes you charming and attractive to others. Everyone would like to partake of your charming aura.

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