The secrets of being a happy parent

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The secrets of being a happy parent
The secrets of being a happy parent

Being a happy parent balancing your personal life, work and raising children is difficult. Often, small negative situations in life darken happiness. This inevitably affects the relationship and attitude towards children.

To be a truly happy parent, your children must be happy too. How to improve your relationship with them? How to bring happiness into your home and between you and your children?

Improve the relationship with them

Between the hectic mornings of waiting in line for the bathroom, making coffee, breakfast, doing your hair, ironing your husband's shirt, dressing the kids for school, the connection between you is lost. Stop for a moment and enjoy the minutes together. Commitments will not escape.

Stop yelling

Many parents lose their temper. Even if they are right, it turns kids off. See that yelling is less than kind words, sharing, even edification in a calm tone.

Work on some of your flaws

In order to be at peace with your children, you must also work on your shortcomings, not only criticize theirs.


But be kind to yourself too

Don't be overly critical of yourself. To be a happy parent you must first of all love yourself and be at peace with your personality. Pamper yourself when you have time. This relaxes the accumulated tension and stress.

Fight the guilt

When you scold your children or have to punish them, you feel a lot of guilt afterwards. Don't do it. This will only bring you more stress. As long as you have followed the points of your child's upbringing that you and your partner have previously discussed, there is nothing to feel guilty about. This is their lesson and it is important to them.

Assess your stress

Every parent should assess their level of stress in their daily life. Do everything in your power to reduce it. Only then will you be a truly productive parent who has a happy relationship with your children.

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