Hidden reasons why your diet isn't working

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Hidden reasons why your diet isn't working
Hidden reasons why your diet isn't working

Have you been struggling with a diet for a while but can't lose weight? There can be many reasons. Sometimes we do things that we think are useful, but they actually turn out to be futile efforts. The only thing we achieve with the wrong diet is starvation, bad mood and almost no real result.

What can be interfering with your diet and why you are not losing weight?

Too few calories

To fire up and speed up your metabolism you need calories. If you've switched to fasting mode, don't be surprised if you're not losing weight. In order to catalyze processes in the cells and speed up the metabolism, "fuel", i.e. calories, is needed. That is, the correct ratio between proteins, he althy fats and vitamins is important, not fasting and skipping meals.


Skip meals

This poses huge risks of sharp jumps in blood sugar and insulin, respectively in bursts of intense hunger. If you've decided to skip breakfast or dinner (as some people do), you should know that this is the wrong long-term strategy that will not only be ineffective, but can also make you gain weight.

Don't be careful what you eat

It's not that simple to follow a diet. In a huge number of cases, people deceive themselves that they are on a diet by simply avoiding bread and desserts, but instead fill the void in their stomach with high-calorie foods that fill them up. These are, for example, dairy products, eggs, sausages.

It doesn't matter if you have given up bread if you satisfy your hunger with some of the mentioned products in large quantities. This is why your diet is failing.


You have removed some nutrient groups

Recently, fads in diets require the exclusion of carbohydrates, fats or proteins (animal) from the menu. This is a bad choice and probably will not lead to a successful result in weight control and especially he alth, because all the listed nutritional components are important for the functioning of the cells.

It is more important to be careful how you structure your menu and exactly what amounts of different nutrients you take in than to exclude whole groups.

You don't weigh yourself regularly

If you avoid the scale you will not be doing yourself a favor, on the contrary. Regular weight monitoring gives a clear idea of what level you are at and how much you have left to reach your cherished goal.

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