5 things to do during the new moon

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5 things to do during the new moon
5 things to do during the new moon

In just a few hours, on February 1st, a new moon awaits us in the sign of Aquarius. Every month the universe sends us this little gift that can easily be missed. It is a gift to us because it represents a highly energetic period that is suitable for starting new successful endeavors. Here are a few things you can do on a new moon to make the most of its energy.

Let's start something new

The new moon is one of the most productive days of the lunar cycle each month. If there's a day that's best for starting something new, it's the new moon. The perfect time to start a new course, a new diet, apply for a new job or simply indulge in what makes you happy and gives you pleasure.

To set aside a magical corner at home

The new moon is a great time to organize your corner at home. A place that creates coziness and a pleasant atmosphere when you come home tired from work. If you've been putting off creating a space like this in your home, it's a good time to do it during the new moon.

Light a candle

Let there be light in your home during the darkest night of the month, namely the new moon. The light will symbolize the positive in you, the desire for positive change. While holding the candle, you can make your request to the universe to change the things you want to be different or happen in your life.

Go on a date

During a new moon, it is appropriate to start new initiatives and rituals, as well as romantic relationships. If you have a meeting proposal during this period, do not hesitate, use the energy of the new moon.

Don't end anything on this day, just start

If you've been thinking about how to stop a negative habit or a relationship with a person you don't like for a long time, wait for the new moon to focus on it. During this period, it is good to direct energy into creating something new and positive, not to terminate. During a full moon, the energy is most suitable precisely for stopping certain contacts and habits in life. Wait until then.

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