Predictions for 2022: what awaits us according to astrologers

Predictions for 2022: what awaits us according to astrologers
Predictions for 2022: what awaits us according to astrologers

The predictions of clairvoyants and soothsayers for 2022 are chilling. The Internet space is flooded with predictions of world-famous prophets, some of them find a place in Miglena Georgieva's new film from the Bulgaria ON AIR series " Stories ON AIR”.

One of them is grandmother Vanga, who said that this year there will be serious tension between East and West.

A lot of geopolitical turbulence awaits us, and Ukraine will be the bone of contention. This is what the Kazakh prophetess Vera Lyon saw during her lifetime for this year.

The most famous prophet and astrologer in the world - Nostradamus wrote in 1555 in his book "Prophecies" that in the 22nd year of the 21st century artificial intelligence will attack the human race. There will be destruction, and peace will be preceded by 72 hours of darkness.

Astrologers are adamant that the star chart now shows the development of events that started three years ago.

“What happened? What happened is that we entered global politics. But the map shows that there is plenty of room to maneuver. Our main task is to maneuver!” says astrologer Antoinette Salfidge.

“For the whole world, the year is a six. And for Bulgaria it is nine, which means completion, finalization, balance sheets, recapitulations. We will all be a little more uplifted and there will be more drama in the exchange of information. We may expect unusual events abroad," explains numerologist Eli Marinova.

„ The three years from 2020 to 2022 merge into one. The changes will be for the whole world and do not depend on us. There is currently a global redistribution of positions and people, which will continue in 2023. The pandemic hit the whole world, hunger will hit the whole world again! "says the clairvoyant Iliana Chausheva-Gyukchen. According to her, there will be the fewest clashes in Bulgaria, but the year itself is dynamic. The difficult times we will go through will be for good, the clairvoyant is categorical.

On a global scale, the crises this year will be in power and will be provoked by money, land and resources, says astrologer Antoinette Salfidge.

“They will fry us terribly, they will turn us around like a spit. We will just think that everything is over and it will turn out that it is not so. Throughout the year, there will be changes imposed from the outside and new tension that will break out from within, from the people," added Salfij.

The hotspots during the year that can manifest as political and social protests are several. The first is around the vernal equinox. Then at the end of July - the beginning of August, but the big shaking will be at the end of October - the beginning of December, the astrologer explains.

„ At the very beginning of the year, the mottos are - tolerance, humanism and altruism, equality and brotherhood, order and law. In the name of these values, tensions and emergency situations can arise. Our financial options will be more limited due to inflation. There will be tension throughout the year, in three months, and in December there will be many dissatisfied people," explains numerologist Eli Marinova.

After March 12, the change begins. In the month of May, people will realize that nothing is left of the past, says Gyukchen. In April-May, people will protest, which may provoke changes in the government.

„ In this period, the economic crisis will be in full swing. There will be a change of ministers, but in September there may be a resignation of the government," says clairvoyant Iliana Chausheva-Gyukchen. She warns that there is danger of fires, poor agricultural harvests, problems in animal husbandry and road accidents, but there will be no war in our country.

"Bulgaria will survive and by 2025 we will be a normal, beautiful and successful country", says Gükchen optimistically.

Antoinette Salfij is adamant that the coronavirus is not part of the astrological process that governs disease. And according to the clairvoyant Gyukchen, after June we will no longer wear masks.

2022 is the year of Venus. It will require a balance from us, we will be looking for people who can see both the pros and cons of different points of view. They say that when the planet of love rules, belligerent leaders go-either for good or not so good.

Watch Miglena Georgieva's film in the video.

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