Body language that makes a bad impression

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Body language that makes a bad impression
Body language that makes a bad impression

Body language - every day in every moment, every gesture is body language. It is part of communication with loved ones, loved ones, colleagues, strangers. This is our non-verbal way of communicating. Just like the words we use, our body language portrays us in a positive or negative light. See what besides the half-handshake makes a bad impression and it's good to fix it.

You don't smile

In social relationships, smiling is a great way to show our confidence and openness. Even in formal situations, it is important to appear friendly. A sincere smile helps us in many ways - we are accepted better, we are liked, they can invite us on a second date. It is important, of course, not to be fake, because a fake smile is always noticeable.

Neck rub

This body language may seem like an innocent gesture to relieve a stiff neck, stress. But if you do it among people who are not very close to you, it can be interpreted as anxiety in a social situation, discomfort/dislike with the people you interact with.

Game with the eyes

The way we use our eyes during a conversation can say a lot about our attitude to the situation. If, while talking to someone, your gaze is not focused on your interlocutor most of the time, but wanders around, often running away from his gaze, then this body language can be interpreted as boredom, irritation, disagreement, sarcasm, you are looking for another person around to talk to.

Bad body posture

Poor body posture, whether sitting or standing, is also body language to avoid. It gives negative information about you, such as not accepting challenges, lack of energy and enthusiasm to conduct the conversation, boredom.

Hair game

During any conversation you should avoid playing with your hair. It takes your attention away from the conversation. Even in an intimate setting, it is recommended that gestures with the hair be one-time. To sweep your hair slightly playfully. In a work environment, frequent hair touching is a sign of nervousness, insecurity, boredom, and can be mistaken for flirting.

Crossing legs and arms

Many people do it during a conversation. Avoid this body language, as it can be interpreted to mean that you do not want to talk, that you are building something like a protective wall, that you feel uncomfortable in this situation, as if you are not open to interacting with others. Avoid this body language when in a formal setting.

Bad gait

Like posture during a conversation, poor gait is another body language that you should correct. The way you move affects people's perceptions of you. People who walk upright, with their chin slightly raised, for example, are perceived as more confident. On the other hand, slouching, shuffling your legs, bowing your head makes others perceive you as a person with low self-esteem, it is an indicator of nervousness, fear.

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