Differences in communication between men and women

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Differences in communication between men and women
Differences in communication between men and women

Generalizing and putting people under a common denominator is among the practices that could most easily be criticized. Although we can generally be divided into male and female due to our purely physical characteristics, our consciousness is also somewhat dependent on it.

To understand each other, we must be able to understand each other. Where do we start?

The Conversation

If for a woman conversation is fun, silence is a threat, the topic of discussion should not be strictly defined, as long as there is communication and rapprochement, then the man has no reason to speak unless the situation requires it. For him, actions speak louder than words, and silence is peace.

Number of words

Women do not fail to mention even the smallest details about what happened to them. They are not so much looking for a way to focus the conversation in a certain direction, but rather letting it develop on its own based on what they are saying. The men, however, spare the superfluous moments, focusing solely on the facts that make up the story.

The Listening

You're wrong if you think men can't listen. However, their patience doesn't last forever, but runs out the moment too many storylines are strung together and too many irrelevant details are included. They are ready to analyze the story and give advice, but women sometimes do not give them this opportunity. Perhaps the reason for this is that they do not seek help at all, but enjoy sharing.

He in a moment of depression

Silence is among the most common reactions of a man when he is not in the mood. He prefers to isolate himself, not to discuss the topic, hide in his shell and share only when things get better. In such situations, women are very worried about the silence and assume that they are to blame, which also worries them.

She in a moment of depression

Women rely on words to comfort them. They prefer to complain, discuss the topic, look at it from all angles, while men can directly give advice and expect it to be followed to avoid unpleasant emotions.

The apology

The man would rather not apologize to his partner after an argument because he sees no reason to do so. For him, contradictions are a constructive way to develop their relationship, and they prefer to leave the situation as it is and learn from it. Women believe that when there is an argument, the relationship is necessarily strained and an apology should be made in all cases.

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