Golden rules in communication

Golden rules in communication
Golden rules in communication

Successful communication is only half way to a job well done. To be a good communicator requires a number of qualities and skills that you develop over the years. It's nice to always have someone to inspire you and show you some basic rules of communication.

We share some of the rules of one of the American leadership experts - John Maxwell. Millions of people around the world know his golden rules for success.

This is how they are when communicating with other people. Follow them and you will see how your life will change significantly in a positive direction.

Mirror Rule - Before you judge others, you should look at yourself.

Rule of Insults - The offended inflicts insults on others.

Rule of the Way of the Peaks - We move to a higher level when we start treating others better than they treat us.

The Boomerang Rule - When we help others, we help ourselves.


Rule of Exchange – Instead of putting others in their shoes, we must put ourselves in their shoes.

Rule of Learning - Every person we meet along the way has the potential to teach us something.

The Law of Charisma - People are attracted to those who are interested in them.

The 10 point rule. Believing in people's good qualities usually makes them show their best qualities.

The Rule of the Rocks - Trust - the foundation of every relationship.

The Elevator Rule - In the course of relationships, we can take people up or down.

The Rule of Situations - Never let the situation mean more to you than your relationship.

The Celebration Rule – The true test of a relationship is not just how true friends we are when our friends fail, but how happy we are when they succeed.

The Rule of Patience - Traveling with others is always slower than traveling alone.

Bob's Rule - When Bob has problems with everyone, the main problem is usually Bob himself.

Rule of Cooperation - Teamwork increases the likelihood of joint victory.

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