Easy trick to clean burnt oven with lemon

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Easy trick to clean burnt oven with lemon
Easy trick to clean burnt oven with lemon

Video: Easy trick to clean burnt oven with lemon

Video: Easy trick to clean burnt oven with lemon
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Burnt oven and hobs are a nightmare for every housewife. Cleaning is difficult, requires a lot of scrubbing, and the result is never that impressive. But not if you use lemon. Its powerful citric acid can be a much better choice than any burnt residue cleaner. With this easy lemon trick, you'll be able to clean all the burnt areas of your oven without the hassle of long, unpleasant scrubbing.

Lemon juice can be helpful in any part of cleaning the oven. It is a non-toxic, all-natural product that does not cause any irritation like cleaning products containing aggressive ingredients.

Check out some easy tricks to clean a burnt oven using lemon.

Cleaning only with lemon

The easiest way to get rid of greasy spots is before they burn completely. Simply rub lemon slices into the stained surfaces while they are still slightly warm. Citric acid breaks down grease and helps wipe it off easily afterwards.

Steam cleaning with lemon

If the burnt dirt has already cooled and stuck, steam and lemon are your choice. A great solution is to squeeze the juice of one lemon into a bowl of water. The bowl must be oven safe. You can also use a saucepan. Put it in the oven and put it on high. The liquid must boil to form steam to saturate the interior of the oven.

Lemon steam is saturated with degreasing particles that easily loosen the bonds between fatty deposits and burnt residues. After the water boils, wait a few minutes and turn off the oven. Remove the pot. Wait for it to cool slightly and wipe off the burnt-on dirt with a wet cloth or sponge.

Cleaning with lemon and soda

If cleaning with only lemon or steam and lemon doesn't help because the dirt and burnt residue is too stubborn, try baking soda and lemon. This powerful combination will dissolve all the dirt and restore the shine of your burnt oven.

Mix 1 cup water, 2 cups baking soda, ½ cup lemon juice. Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Pour into a spray bottle. Spray the burnt areas and wait for it to work. Then use a wet cloth or sponge to clean.