Fashion on the summer menu is dip, mousse and pesto

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Fashion on the summer menu is dip, mousse and pesto
Fashion on the summer menu is dip, mousse and pesto

Video: Fashion on the summer menu is dip, mousse and pesto

Video: Fashion on the summer menu is dip, mousse and pesto
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In the summer, we traditionally switch to lighter food Even if we don't have a taste for diets, our body naturally wants not so greasy, not necessarily cooked and not too abundant food. That's why in fashion in the summer menu along with vegetable salads, are also lean pates.

In addition to the traditional köpoolu, lutenitsa and caviar, they are already walking around the native kitchen dip, mousse and pesto The exotic newcomers came with their foreign names, but we got used to them very quickly and even we Bulgarianized the ingredients in the recipes. So that you don't wonder any more - dip is kind of like mousse, mousse is kind of like pesto, and pesto is kind of like pate. All of them are perfect for breakfast, appetizer, side dish or simply replace the main meal.

Vegetable dips and mousses first entered vegetarian restaurants and he alth food establishments. From there, they became popular in the home kitchen, and today they are increasingly prepared at home.

Broadly speaking, dip, mousse and pesto represent a thick sauce or pate by:

  • raw or steamed vegetables;
  • legumes;
  • lots of green spices (now it's fashionable to call them herbs);
  • raw nuts – ground or finely chopped;
  • sprouts – from sunflower seeds, millet, wheat, buckwheat, broccoli, etc.;
  • cheese;
  • olive oil, s alt, garlic, spring onion, red onion and whatever else comes to mind, but of course not in a bunch in one recipe.

All this coarsely mashed with a fork or finely ground, mashed or blended (here are cooking synonyms again) and seasoned to personal taste. You can make it perfectly smooth and creamy, but it can also have a coarser texture. Their durability is not long - 1-2 days in the refrigerator, closed in a bowl. If they are prepared with avocado, they must be consumed immediately, because the mixture turns black and takes on a very unpleasant appearance.

But do not abuse the amount of vegetable mousses, as some of them are made from high-calorie products. Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and fiber, they are very suitable for our everyday, balanced, summer menu.

Sample Zucchini Recipe

Stew fresh zucchini on the stove. Wait for them to cool. In a deep dish, mash them by adding olive oil, s alt, ground walnuts or hazelnuts, lots of dill and parsley, cheese/curd or tofu, garlic.

Bon appetite and cheerful summer mood!

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