Why do we need friends who joke with us?

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Why do we need friends who joke with us?
Why do we need friends who joke with us?

Laughter will save the world. Laughter also saves the soul whenever it is on the brink. Having people around you who make you laugh is priceless. It's even better though having friends who joke with you All the time. Ruthless and honest. They make you laugh at yourself and your imperfections.

No, it's not about unceremonious mockery like "well, it's a joke, so let's tell the truth!" It's about honest, open communication with no holds barred, no silence, just the truth and nothing but the truth. In the joke circle, of course.

We need this communication more than we realize. Laughter through tears is useful because it is sobering, because it makes us think about the things we need to change in ourselves and work on.

Looking around in the eyes of the one we should truly appreciate.


Learning to laugh at our imperfections

One of the most important marks of intelligence is the ability to have fun and poke fun at yourself. Not everyone can.

It's even harder to take other people's jokes on you. This is aerobatics that few are capable of. The more people realize the importance of putting up with the jokes on you, the more therapeutically you will look at your flaws. You will accept them, you will consider them, you will strive to smooth them out.

We don't always realize what our flaws really are until someone points them out to us. And in that sense, pointing them out through prank methods is the best thing your friends can do for you. Take advantage!

Surround yourself with friends who make you laugh. Laugh at everything - at each other, at yourself, at the awkward moments in life that you allow to teach you better.


Laughter is capable of healing terrible diseases and overwhelming emotional states.

Let your friends joke with you and always mean the jokes. Don't be offended. Don't sulk. Don't be too quick to answer them unless it's a joke.

Friends who joke with you help you transform anger into humor

What's more precious than that? Learning to manage your anger, to control your nerves, to think before you hit back.

The jokes our friends play on us also help in other life situations. We learn to be more rational, more analytical, more creative, more down-to-earth.

Beware of your friends who play pranks on you. They are a real treasure. The sooner you realize it, the happier you will feel.

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