10 simple rules for a happy life

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10 simple rules for a happy life
10 simple rules for a happy life

Life is magic. No matter how much we frown at the unpleasant surprises it brings us and the difficulties it throws at us, life is beautiful.

He can become even more magical with your help. You just have to follow some rules of life to make it even more exciting, special and happy! It's all up to you.

1. Keep your phone away from the bed

You need your phone during the day, but not in the evening or in the morning. Keep it away from your bed. Don't shine your eyes with its bright light in the evening and don't rely on its irritating alarm in the morning. You will feel much better.

2. Record your dreams

Every person dreams. But if we don't write down our dreams, we can easily forget them and stop pursuing them. However, if we keep something like a dream journal, it is much easier to structure them in our head, to do our best every day to make them come true. Make your own motivational journal - you'll feel happier when you start ticking off your goals.

3. Wake up with a dance

Dance gives energy and mood. Start your day with your favorite song and dance! Not only will you wake up and feel energized for the day, but you'll also boost your serotonin levels.

4. Get out and take a walk

If you have a dog, walk it before work. Don't rush the walk, take your time to enjoy it. Walk briskly, play with the dog, it will recharge you.

Even if you don't have a pet, the walk will do you good. Walk to work, pay attention to your surroundings. She will thank you with her beautiful morning hug and fresh air.

5. Talk to animals and plants

You won't believe how good you'll feel if you start treating animals and plants like people. They will repay you with their pure kindness and energy in their own way.

6. Smell something nice every day

The sense of smell gives direct information to the brain, stimulating it to work better. Pleasant smells provoke the production of serotonin, the hormone of happiness, as well as endorphins. They improve mood, fight depression, improve productivity.

7. Meditate

You don't have to meditate in the typical way. You are not a monk specializing in Eastern cultures and arts. Do it your way. You can meditate even while washing your dishes or cooking. Meditation is a state of mind, a calmness, an attitude. Relax, breathe and try not to think about anything while doing it.

8. Massage your hands and feet

On the hands and feet there are many points corresponding to various organs and nerve endings on the body. By stimulating these points, you improve your overall he alth and mental state.

9. Turn off the lights when you can

Electric lighting interferes directly with the natural mechanisms responsible for a number of processes in the body. If you rely only on natural light in your daily life, you will see how much he althier and happier you will feel. This is because specific chemicals are secreted in the body depending on the light during the day and darkness at night.

Use electric lamps and artificial lighting only when absolutely necessary. The rest of the time, rely on sunlight.

10. Give thanks every day

Be grateful that you exist, that you have your loved ones, that you have everything you need. Appreciate the real things in life, don't just long for what you don't have. This will make you feel even worse. Instead of regretting what you don't have, be thankful for the things you have in this life.

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