The he alth benefits of laughter

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The he alth benefits of laughter
The he alth benefits of laughter

Laughter is he alth. This is not just a saying, but the truth itself. It is also true that "the world survived because it laughed." It is not by chance that human wisdom has reached these conclusions over the centuries. Laughter is a real medicine that the body manages by itself to heal itself in a natural way.

Happiness hormones released during laughter quell stress and reduce inflammation in tissues.

What are the biggest he alth benefits of laughter?


Reduces stress

Laughter reduces stress. Thanks to this property of it, there are even methods of alternative treatment of stress through laughter. Happy hormones, in particular serotonin, are the natural way to counteract stress because it inhibits the action of cortisol (one of the stress hormones).

Reduces blood pressure

Laughter can be of great benefit to hypertensives. Blood pressure is affected by the hormonal balance in the body. Therefore, when cortisol is at higher levels, blood pressure jumps. Counter it with more laughter and fun.

Stimulates blood circulation

Laughter is an active 'activity'. When we laugh, many of our muscles contract. That is why after prolonged laughter you feel tension in the abdominal muscles. It's a kind of training. In addition, the action of serotonin causes a better rhythmicity in the contraction of smooth muscles.

In this way, the blood vessels improve their functions, blood circulation is stimulated and more oxygen reaches the organs and systems.


What else does laughter help?

  • Trains muscles in many parts of the body - facial, respiratory, abdominal, arm and leg muscles, back;
  • Reduces the frequency of respiratory infections;
  • Increases immunity;
  • Improves cognitive abilities, memory, concentration;
  • Stimulates the work of the brain and nervous system.

Laugh as much as you can. It is he althy and contributes to increasing the average life expectancy.

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