4 types of people who rob us of positive energy

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4 types of people who rob us of positive energy
4 types of people who rob us of positive energy

Do you know at least one narcissistic person? What you probably noticed about her is that she "wears a mask" and would rarely reveal her true nature. Narcissists belong to the group of toxic personalities. The ones we say rob our positive energy. But apart from them, there are 4 other personality types that we should not allow in our lives. See who they are.

People who avoid responsibility

Everyone knows people who are unwilling to take responsibility for their actions. They tend to blame others for their own mistakes. It is in this way that they negatively affect our lives. They don't tend to change, and it's very easy to fall victim to their problems while you're trying to solve your own.

The self-destructive individuals

Remember that neighbor, colleague, relative, acquaintance who always complains about life, always finds a way to ask for your pity? This type of personality, who robs our positive energy, when given criticism, be it constructive, advice, almost always takes a defensive position.

They don't care about how to solve their own problems, they expect someone else to do it. Last but not least, they don't care about your problems. Self-destructive people have no interest in developing as individuals, in changing. Is such friendship or acquaintance worth it?

The constant critics

No one is perfect. But in our environment there is always a colleague, an acquaintance, a friend, a relative who always tries to point out our mistakes, shortcomings. There is a difference between constructive criticism and criticism intended to hurt. Although we try to ignore this type of personality, sooner or later their negative energy can affect our self-esteem.

The Jealous/Envious

Jealous people are usually found in love, while envious people can be from our circle of friends, relatives, work environment. Both personality types rob us of positive energy, trying to minimize our achievements, our strengths. Our happiness prevents them from developing themselves.

This is why it is important to avoid people who cannot accept our successes, rejoice in them, and instead blame us for their failures. Love also doesn't need toxic partners who poison our lives with jealousy.

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