How to cleanse your home of negative energy?

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How to cleanse your home of negative energy?
How to cleanse your home of negative energy?

All of us have moments when we feel melancholy, without energy, and not during work, but when we get home. Sometimes these feelings we have are due to the negative energy that has accumulated in our home.

There are many different ways to clear this negative energy. To begin with, it is good to remove all broken and unnecessary items from the home. In the following lines, you will see some more tips to encourage positivity around you.

Black Tourmaline

This one is cheap but acts as a "sponge" for negative energy You can place it in any room in your home, near the front door. Black tourmaline is also believed to absorb electromagnetic energy, so you can also place it near routers, computers, and any other equipment. Clean the crystal with water once a week. Rose Quartz will also improve the vibration in your home.

Fresh plants

House plants are a good way to keep positive energy in your home. Any plant can benefit you. However, specific plants that can further purify your home are lavender,eucalyptus, sage. Grow them in a pot or place them in a vase in any room of your home.


Fresh your home with orange essential oil

The aroma of orange reminds of sun rays, of summer. With it, you will not only clean your home of negative energy, but also improve your mood. Buy an aroma lamp and add to it from the oil. If desired, you can use oil of lavender, lemon,rose, sage, as well as combine several aromas.

Light incense

This aromatic resin is used in spiritual and meditative practice, so with its aroma you can cleanse your home of negative energy and promote positive vibrations. The aroma of incense creates a calm and pleasant atmosphere.

Air the whole home

If after seeing off your guest and you think he or she is carrying negative energy, ventilate your home well. Open all the windows to create a draft, even if the weather is cold outside. Let fresh air enter every corner of your home. Also lightly pat pillows, blankets.

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