Venus enters the sign of Pisces on April 5 - love, but also delusions

Venus enters the sign of Pisces on April 5 - love, but also delusions
Venus enters the sign of Pisces on April 5 - love, but also delusions

Spring will be filled with interesting cosmic events. On April 5, Venus enters the sign of Pisces and now we will definitely have more luck in love. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, money and enters her favorite sign, Pisces. This will of course make us more sensitive and creative, and our romantic life can make progress.

The transit is suitable to pay more attention to love, romance, creativity and our dreams. It will be easier for us to give to others, but also our desire to focus on meaningful relationships will be strong.

The transit is also related to love, forgiveness and understanding, say Western astrologers, which will also make us more tolerant.

We are given a chance to experience more of these feelings in our relationships, to have more finances, a sense of self-worth and belonging.

Venus in Pisces will make us feel everything more charming and magical. But as with any transit, with this one we will have questions that are important to ask ourselves, like am I really in love with this person or is it more of a delusion?


Although Venus enters Pisces every year, the 2022 transit will be very powerful thanks to some harmonious connections with other planets.

While the planet of love is in Pisces, it will form positive connections with many planets – Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune.

From April 22 to 30, Venus will be very close to Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. This triple combination of planets is expected to bring some of the best days of the entire year for love and romance, astrologers say.

However, it is important to be cautious. As we know the sign of Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which likes to deceive. Therefore, we should not put on rose-colored glasses. Love can be amazing, but we should also pay attention to the warning signs that tell us if the person we're interested in just happens to be unattached. Being sensible and cautious is important, we will follow our heart but we should not ignore our mind. This isn't just about romantic relationships, it's about everyone.

On April 30, Venus will be right next to the planet of luck – Jupiter, and in the next 6 months we will be able to develop many new things in our lives.

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