Neptune retrograde in Pisces – we put an end to delusions

Neptune retrograde in Pisces – we put an end to delusions
Neptune retrograde in Pisces – we put an end to delusions

On June 28, the planet Neptune entered its retrograde phase in the sign of Pisces. Pisces is a water sign and the water element is all about going with the flow, connecting with our emotions and letting our more sensitive side shine through.

During retrograde Neptune in Pisces our intuition will be heightened. The period is suitable for nurturing our creative projects, for considering new ideas, for inspiration from the world around us. But the watery energy of Pisces can make us feel at times like we're trying to stay afloat.

Neptune Retrograde occurs the day before the New Moon in Cancer on June 29th, and we will have to be careful how we keep our balance.

It is best now to let go of our desire to control everything and go with the flow. Grounding and connecting with earth, which is the opposite element of water, can also benefit us.

Neptune retrograde will continue until December 9, 2022,and its subtle energy will not be felt as strongly. A planet is always most powerful on the day it goes retrograde and the day it goes direct again, so July 28th and December 9th are the dates to look out for.


The planet Neptune is the ruler of water, spirituality, intuition, creativity, illusions, deception, dreams, art, fantasy, entertainment, addictions. When Neptune's energy is strong, we may be more confused because everything around us seems to be in a fog. Then we immerse ourselves in our inner world.

When Neptune goes retrograde, the veil of delusion is lifted and we see the truth. If there were illusions and deceptions, everything will collapse and be revealed, we will see things we have not seen or had the desire to see.

In this Neptune retrograde cycle, we will also be able to look back on the events of late June to early December 2021 to see if we should be looking at things with the necessary dose of realism. We may have to take off our rose colored glasses and face the truth.

Since Neptune rules spirituality, we will be able to consider if there are things in our lives that are not in alignment with our soul. When the veil of illusion is lifted, we can see where we have been led by delusions, by our high egos, and not by love. But Neptune is also the planet of unconditional love, which is beyond our relationships and connected to our soul essence. This is the love we are and the love we will return to during this period.

We can think about what prevents us from feeling love in ourselves, for ourselves, sharing it with others. Think back a little - what happened to you on April 12, 2022. Then Neptune aligned with Jupiter - a rare and special planetary alignment. Now that Neptune is retrograde, it will once again approach Jupiter, but will not align with it. However, it is possible that issues or some significant themes from April may re-emerge, especially in the period October - December 2022

Also, if something significant happened around April this year, Neptune retrograde can help you make sense of things and gain deeper clarity around the situation. For some of you, these may be some great rewards for the efforts you have been putting into a certain direction.

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