Mercury retrograde in Cancer – emotions and confusion

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Mercury retrograde in Cancer – emotions and confusion
Mercury retrograde in Cancer – emotions and confusion

It's time for another round of Mercury retrograde and it will occur on June 18, this time in the water signCancer and will end on July 12th The sign Cancer rules emotions. This means that during this period we may become more sensitive, more subjective and more easily susceptible to impulsive actions. It is possible to take events too personally, to dramatize, to experience more fears.

Be careful about the home, as accidents, damage to equipment are possible. This period can be excellent for home or office renovations. Another thing that Mercury retrograde in Cancer will bring us is a feeling of uncertainty and unstable foundations. It is important to strengthen our inner self as well as those foundations that are shaky.


What awaits you according to your zodiac sign?


Aries will follow through on some of the recent decisions they made. Be prepared for surprises in your relationships. Conflicts are possible. Think about your love life.


Mercury Retrograde can bring you some obstacles. You will have to reevaluate your love relationship or marriage. The business offers you may receive need good vetting.


Since your ruler Mercury is retrograde this June in the sign of Cancer, you'll need to review some of the recent decisions you've made. Some scheduled events may now be delayed. Use this retrograde period to review the agreements you signed in professional deals. Confusions in personal relationships are possible.


Work problems are not out of the question for Cancers. Stay out of trouble and conflict. You may also have problems at home in relationships. Wait for the retrograde period to pass before making important decisions.

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