Ivan Zvezdev presents "Norwegian Seafood Cuisine"

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Ivan Zvezdev presents "Norwegian Seafood Cuisine"
Ivan Zvezdev presents "Norwegian Seafood Cuisine"

The recipes in the book are presented by one of the most famous culinary artists in our country - Ivan Zvezdev The publication includes recipes for preparing dishes from traditional Norwegian cuisine, with the main product being seafood and fish - an invariable part of the table of the northern peoples. The book is suitable and would be useful for both master chefs and amateur cooks. It is intended for anyone who wants to enrich our native menu with new flavors.

Norwegian cuisine is still little known in Bulgaria. Through this book, Bulgarian readers have the opportunity to get to know the traditions and culture of this wonderful country literally from the "kitchen"?. In recent years, Norwegian master chefs have ranked among the leaders of the most prestigious cooking forums. The secret of their success lies in the use of proven recipes, passed down from generation to generation, combined with "new" for Europe spices and products in a balanced culinary continuity. The result is aromatic, tasty and, last but not least, he althy food with perfect taste, served simply and with style.


"Today, when we emphasize seafood as a natural element of rational nutrition, we can learn a lot from the inhabitants of this impressive northern country," says Ivan Zvezdev. From a basic livelihood and means of survival for the people of this part of the world, today seafood and fish have become the basis of a refined cuisine with a distinctive taste. Norwegian seafood is characterized by extremely high quality. To date, Norway is the second largest exporter of marine products in the world, which are grown in a natural and ecologically clean environment.

The book offers authentic recipes for fish speci alties from the Northern Lights. For the convenience of the readers, the culinary suggestions in the book are grouped into several main sections according to the order of serving – starters, sushi, main courses and desserts. The recipes are varied and easy to implement, and the necessary products for preparation are known on the Bulgarian market. Among the main products are smoked salmon, which has become an emblem of the country around the world, as well as cod, herring, sardines and mackerel. Seafood can be eaten raw, smoked, s alted or marinated, but the most important thing for them is their culinary processing, which guarantees the preservation of their useful ingredients and taste. For this purpose, chef Ivan Zvezdev gives extremely valuable tips and little tricks with which every cook can achieve the perfect taste.

In addition to recipes for preparing traditional seafood dishes, the publication also includes photographs with remarkable views from the north side. But the real feast for the eyes is the appetizingly prepared food, which is visualized in an extremely beautiful and stylish way. The color images included in the book provide suggestions for the overall arrangement of the plate when serving the food, as well as ideas for decoration.

For the Norwegian Seafood Council

The Norwegian Seafood Council is the organization that takes care of promoting Norwegian seafood abroad. Every year the Council organizes and holds over 500 events in 25 countries with the main aim of promoting the consumption of Norwegian fish and seafood.

About Ivan Zvezdev

Ivan Zvezdev is a Bulgarian chef and showman, known from the culinary show "Bon Appetite", which was broadcast on national air from 2001 to 2009.

The success of his skills in the kitchen is largely due to his many years of practice as a chef in Argentina, where he emigrated in the 1990s with his family.

In 2009, he produced his own culinary show "Zvezdev's Kitchen", which was broadcast on bTV from the presenter's family kitchen. It hosts professional chefs, famous personalities from politics and show business, as well as culinary enthusiasts. Together with his team, Zvezdev travels around Bulgaria and presents traditional dishes from the national cuisine of the different regions of the country.

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