Retrograde Chiron on July 19 - we become stronger, successful and wise

Retrograde Chiron on July 19 - we become stronger, successful and wise
Retrograde Chiron on July 19 - we become stronger, successful and wise

On July 19 Chiron goes retrograde and joins other currently retrograde planets - Saturn, Neptune and Pluto. Every year these cosmic bodies go into retrograde phase, and we will feel their energy again.

The planet Chiron brings us a new dynamic to work with and shifts its energy to the forefront. His retrograde phase will end on December 23rd,when he will go direct again. On the days when a planet goes retrograde or ends this phase, its energy is strongest.

Chiron is actually an asteroid and a natural companion of Pluto, but it is nonetheless important to astrology as a placement and energy. During his retrograde period from July 19 to December 23, we can turn to our emotional wounds and pain points to turn them into our source of strength.

As the poet Rumi says "the wound is where the light enters you".

Chiron's position between Saturn and Uranus now is also important in understanding the energy it carries. Saturn is a very grounded, rooted energy, while Uranus is considered a higher vibrational planet. Chiron can now act as a bridge between these two states of existence.


While Chiron is retrograde, we can think about using our own wounds as a source of strength and healing. This energy is not about achieving a state of perfection through healing, but rather about bringing recognition and acceptance of our wounds in a way that allows us access to the wisdom they can bring us.

Chiron wants to invite us to learn how to draw upon these wounds as powerful portals of wisdom, knowledge and power. By extracting this information, we can step into greater and fuller potential.

This means not giving up in the face of difficulties, but being brave and strong, not forgetting that we are worthy, regardless of our past negative experiences. Chiron's energy is particularly strong as he is now in the sign of Aries, which is known for its stubbornness.

With Chiron in Aries we are even more motivated to find the strength, confidence, and courage that can emerge when we face our frustrations and look on them not as pain points, but as points of potential.

Use this retrograde energy to think about what brings you pain and disappointments. Now is the time to accept this so you can break free and move forward wiser and stronger.

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