Venus moves into Cancer on July 17 - love changes

Venus moves into Cancer on July 17 - love changes
Venus moves into Cancer on July 17 - love changes

On July 17, Venus, the planet of beauty, money and love, will move into the sign of Cancer. Here she will stay until August 20. When Venus is in this cardinal sign it is nurturing, protective, protective, but also fertile. We experience many emotional ups and downs in love under this influence as our sensitivity is heightened.

We become more tender, romantic and affectionate. Cancer love is devoted, warm and devoted. We show our love through our devotion to others. It is also possible to be too sentimental. The period is suitable for saving funds for the purchase of real estate or other assets valuable to us.

On July 19, Mercury enters the sign of Leo and together with Venus in Cancer we will be able to be more open in sharing our emotions. In the sign of Gemini, Venus is more playful, we look for more fun in love, but not serious relationships. In Cancer, however, we will show our love in a deeper way.


We will enjoy a romance that will be more old-fashioned, but will bring us many pleasant emotions. In addition to love and romance, Venus is associated with money, so buying things with sentimental value is quite possible. Cancer feels best around places it knows well, as it is a sign associated with home.

As usual, when a planetary transit occurs, some zodiac signs feel this movement more strongly than others. Apart from Cancer, of course, these are Pisces and Scorpio, who should initiate more care for their loved ones.

Taurus and Virgo will look for more pleasures in the bedroom, but also to share true love emotions.

Unlike Taurus and Virgo, the conservative Capricorn may have stumbles in love or feel bad if he is lonely, but the period for this sign is great for achieving success at work.

Capricorns can focus on where they can put more effort or care into their relationship. Aries may have love desires that are not satisfied and because of them or other circumstances become more belligerent, create conflicts.

Libra. Gemini and Leo can have success in love or in settling important deals for them.

Scorpio, Pisces and Sagittarius should beware of conflicts in personal relationships.

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