Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13 – we let go of the old

Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13 – we let go of the old
Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13 – we let go of the old

On July 13, 2022, a full moon awaits us in Capricorn. Falling into this earth sign, this full moon reminds us to take responsibility for our lives and the direction we're headed. If we're not happy, if we're not spending our time the way we want to, we can now look at our self-sabotaging actions that may have gotten us there.

Confronting what is not working in our favor, taking responsibility for how some things turned out, can always be a challenge. But now we are also given the power to turn things so that they lead us in the direction we want.

If we can use the powers of this full moon wisely, it can help us overcome obstacles, face challenges and reach the top of any mountain we want to climb.

This July event has a very powerful lunar energy that helps us move forward and look at situations from a different angle. To master new ways to help us move through difficult situations more easily and flexibly. Now we can become stronger, self-confident, as well as start to upgrade ourselves, our skills.


All this while managing to overcome the rocky roads that are sometimes inevitable in our lives. Capricorn teaches us to respect ourselves and who we are, appreciate different points of view, and focus our time and energy on what we really want out of life.

We still have many challenges to overcome.

The planet Pluto will be near the full moon in Capricorn and we may have to face some uncomfortable situations. It may be that we need to relax and realize that certain ideas, actions or endeavors are not possible or sustainable at this time. This full moon is a reality check, waking up from a delusion we've been in because we can't be with her anymore.

Some of us will have to accept that there are things that will never be the way we want them to be, or accept that if we don't change things, nothing will definitely be different.

We will find our way around making some decisions with ease. Turning your back, saying goodbye to people, past events, incidents are not pleasant things.

But the full moon gives us the opportunity to rewrite the next chapter of our lives, to reshape our dreams and goals that have not come true so far and to remember how strong we are. There are no wrong paths in this life, only lessons that make us wiser, better and more capable.

For some people, it may be necessary to have less pleasant conversations or they will be more confident in sharing their emotions. It is important to choose our words carefully as the planet of communication Mercury is also close to this full moon.

Now we are waiting for the unveiling of the picture, saying goodbye to what is not useful for us, so that the better can come.

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