What does it mean if you have letter M on your palms?

What does it mean if you have letter M on your palms?
What does it mean if you have letter M on your palms?

Look carefully at the palms of both your hands. Do you see the letter лю on either of them, maybe both palms? For some people, the line of life, destiny, mind and heart intersect in a very specific way that reminds of the letter M.

If you find this letter on your palms, it means that in your life you will occupy high positions in society and have a good material condition. When these four lines describe the letter M on your palm, it means that in your life you will have opportunities, a suitable environment, to achieve we alth, success and power in society.

Also, this palm sign suggests that you have a strong intuition, that you are loyal and talented. You don't like lies, you show courage to new challenges.


To find out if you too have the letter M, look for the life line.

This is the line that curves around the base of the thumb, down to the wrist. The life line can be double, broken or crossed with smaller lines. It predicts your he alth and longevity, and can also show the path of your life.

Following the line of mind

This line usually crosses the middle of the palm and may be straight or slightly curved. It usually starts at the same point, between the thumb and forefinger. It shows how you make decisions and what will you have.

Then you will need to look for a line called the line of fate or the line of Saturn.

It is not found in everyone and for this reason some people do not have the letter M on their palms. The line of fate passes through the palm from top to bottom and can be straight, broken. In some people it is a small fold, in others it extends from the base of the palm and ends at the middle finger.

The line of fate shows the person what place he will occupy in society, whether he will have leadership functions, strong will, whether he will be successful, self-confidence.

The last line to look for is the heart line, which describes your relationships and family life.

Usually this line starts between the index and middle finger and curves towards your puppy.

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