What pet to choose for the child

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What pet to choose for the child
What pet to choose for the child

There is almost no child who is so afraid of animals. Even so, children still want to have a pet. But do the parents necessarily agree to this wish?

Is a dog or a cat the best options for a pet or are there other suitable pets? Maybe your child is too young… When is the best time to take livestock home? We will try to answer these questions.

Growing up with a pet implies enormous benefits for the child Undoubtedly, the cohabitation of the child with the animal is a valuable lesson in responsibility or self-denial, as well as getting used to caring for someone else.

There is research showing that a dog or cat can help lower the risk of childhood allergies. Of course it is in some cases.

Before you commit to getting a pet for your child, think carefully about how you will handle the routine required to meet the needsof the animal , how will you distribute the responsibilities of raising it and whether you will manage at all. It is also important to consider what the responsibilities of the child will be regarding the animal.

Consider the cat option

Cats may seem like a good choice for a small child as they are highly independent and do not interact heavily with small children. But cats and small children can be too bad a combination.

Sudden loud sounds and sudden movements of the child can provoke the cat to perform unpredictable actions. Cats are very fast and before you know it, she will have scratched or bitten the child. They are defensive, irritable and markedly territorial.

Consider the dog option

The play between a child and a dog looks so cute and heart-melting on Youtube that just watching it makes you instantly want to get a dog for your little one. But even here things are not as simple as they seem.

A dog may be man's best friend, but he has his needs too. It is important to set aside a special place where the dog can be alone when he needs it. Otherwise, too much pinching, pulling and teasing by the child may cause the child to become angry and hurt.

This does not mean not to bring the child and the dog together, quite the opposite! It's just that solitude should be readily available at all times, for both man and dog.

Other pets

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets, but they are not the only animals suitable for keeping at home. If you decide to get an exotic animal, it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with its features, find out details about its character and whether it will react badly if the child overplays.

Whatever pet you choose, you'll need to think a lot about exactly how you're going to care for it, what its characteristics are, and how they'll fit your child's temperament. From the outside, it seems as if no animal is so suitable, but this is not the case, on the contrary! Both children and animals are adaptable and the good thing is that both sides are trainable. The responsibility for the correct choice and appropriate methods remains yours.

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