Eating habits according to zodiac sign and ascendant

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Eating habits according to zodiac sign and ascendant
Eating habits according to zodiac sign and ascendant

The zodiac sign we are born under has some influence on our eating habits, but so does our ascendant. For example, those born under a fire sign or having such an ascendant love spicy and fried foods. Earth signs tend to overeat and consume starchy foods, water signs are fond of sodas and seafood, and air signs prefer unhe althy snacks, fast food.

What to change in your diet according to your zodiac sign or ascendant for more he alth?

The Fire Signs

If you are a representative of the fire signs, add more green leafy vegetables, lots of fruits, salads, cereals and cooling drinks to your menu. For Aries it is good to consume enough salads and foods that contain iron and vitamin B12.

The lion must be careful in his calorie intake so as not to gain extra pounds and emphasize products that provide him with calcium and magnesium. Since Sagittarius tends to eat whatever he can get his hands on, it is very important to avoid consumption of refined sugar, sweets and instead increase his intake of seafood, nuts, legumes and green vegetables.

The Earth Signs

For representatives of earth signs, it is recommended to emphasize herbs and herbal drinks to detoxify the body, as well as citrus fruits and green vegetables. Taurus should include in their diet cereals and others to provide him with enough fiber, he althy fats.

Virgos will have more energy if they get enough B vitamins. Capricorns need more calcium, so it's good to consume dairy products. To add seafood and lots of fruits to their menu to ensure the important vitamin C.

The Air Signs

In order to have good digestion, it is good for air signs to consume yogurt, light broths with a little rice and spices, herbs and spices that favor digestion. Good examples are fennel, cumin, ginger. Gemini should include fish, beans, lentils and foods rich in vitamin B in their menu.

Libras should not deprive themselves of nuts and he althy fats. Aquarians need foods high in B vitamins, manganese, which they can get by eating nuts, tofu, beans, spinach and whole grains.


Representatives of water signs are more prone to retaining excess fluids. Therefore, be very careful with s alty foods. It is good for them to include in their menu green leafy vegetables, lots of fresh fruits and food with high fiber content like oats, wheat germ. Crabs need foods containing potassium and vitamin B2. You can get them from spinach, tomatoes, sweet potato, beans, yogurt, eggs, mushrooms, broccoli, soy and others.

Scorpio should include detoxifying herbs and spices such as ginger, add ground flaxseed, high fiber fruits and vegetables and of course plenty of water. For Pisces, foods and drinks are also recommended to help detox the body, but also to balance their metabolism.

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