Habits of people who manage to keep their weight off after losing weight

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Habits of people who manage to keep their weight off after losing weight
Habits of people who manage to keep their weight off after losing weight

Diets are hard to follow, the results even more so. And the hardest part comes when we manage to survive the diet and finally lose the extra pounds. Keeping our weight off is the biggest challenge that many people fail to face. They make mistakes that prevent them from keeping the pounds they have gained.

On the other hand, there are also people who somehow manage to keep their slim figure after dieting and maintain their balanced weight for a long time. How do they succeed?

What are the habits of people who manage to keep their weight off after losing weight?

They don't go to extremes

All or nothing. Many people beat themselves up like this. Because of their bitter experiences and failures in keeping the pounds off, they think it's best to be guided by the flawed all-or-nothing maxim. In order to keep the pounds off, you have to distance yourself from extremes, because in the long run they don't bring success.

They emphasize vegetables

Vegetables are wonderful because they contain few calories and so much fiber, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Their consumption is a traditional way of dealing with weight. If you emphasize them over any other food, you will win in the long run. This does not mean to exclude the other macronutrients, quite the contrary. Just emphasize the vegetables in the ratio in each serving.

Awarded from time to time

No man could live in deprivation forever. You can't help but enjoy something you love that you know is forbidden. Unless you have a he alth problem that requires you to avoid a certain food, there's no reason not to treat yourself to small moments of happiness every now and then. It is important that the amount is small and that these gifts do not happen every day.

Forget about "I can't eat these foods"

Cakes, chocolates, pastes, creams, pasta treats - why you should give them up forever. People who manage to keep their weight off rarely give up foods they otherwise love but which are considered harmful. If you feel bad about restricting these foods, indulge in them once in a while. Eat them in very small amounts and try not to do this every day and with enough physical activity to eliminate excess calories.

Keep moving

If you think that after achieving the results of the diet you can stop exercising, you are wrong. Physical activity is something that is good to make part of your life not only for your figure but also for your he alth.

Portion Control

To be able to keep your weight off you must follow the rule of smaller portions. That way you won't have to eliminate entire food groups. You will be able to eat a variety of foods, but in small quantities.

Plan in-between snacks

When you're out and don't have something he althy to hand, it's riskiest to reach for the pie and the pizza as the fastest option to dull the sudden hunger. If such mistakes start happening to you too often, after the end of the diet you will regain the weight very quickly due to the yo-yo effect. So plan your in-between snacks. Stock up on nuts, seeds, fruit, vegetables in a box to carry in your bag with you. This is a great way to control your calorie intake.

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