Why is laughter the best medicine?

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Why is laughter the best medicine?
Why is laughter the best medicine?

Have you probably noticed that smiling people are always a welcome company, surrounded by many friends, live longer and have a soulmate by their side. How do they achieve it?

Smiling people have discovered the secret of the best medicine called laughter. We share some good reasons that will make you laugh heartily more often.

Increases immunity and reduces stress

To stimulate the immune system, you should not only exercise and eat he althy, but also laugh more often. According to scientists, when we laugh, our body increases the number of T-cells, which are part of the immune system. Laughter is the he althiest and most natural way to reduce levels of at least four hormones associated with stress.

Laughter is a mini workout

happened in pleasant company, laughing, to feel a slight pain in the abdominal area and face. When you laugh, you exercise your diaphragm, abs and shoulders.


The smile also helps to exercise and tighten the facial muscles as well. If you managed to laugh about 100 times today, that's equivalent to 10-15 minutes of riding an exercise bike.

Relieves pain

Laughter and sex have been found to help reduce pain or discomfort you experience such as a nagging headache. When you laugh, your body releases more endorphins, which naturally eliminate or reduce the intensity of pain.

Reduces depression

Stress, anxiety and daily tension are major factors that can lead to depression. By laughing you make tense moments seem insignificant and manage to keep your inner balance.

To attract love to yourself, you must be positive and love laughter. Both women and men need to be in pleasant company and with people who have a sense of humor. You've already found love, laughter is part of the formula that builds a solid relationship.

Take care of heart he alth

According to the latest research data conducted by a team of specialists at the University of Maryland, laughter can improve blood flow in the body and reduce the likelihood of heart disease.

Research shows that a person needs 15 minutes of laughter every day, just like he needs sports three times a week. Also, people who laugh have lower blood pressure, can reduce asthma ailments,improve their breathing compared to those who do less often.

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