Did you know that women who drink beer are smarter?

Did you know that women who drink beer are smarter?
Did you know that women who drink beer are smarter?

Beer is one of the most famous and preferred beverages worldwide. Despite its popularity, there are many curious facts about it that are still unknown to us. We share some of them in our column. Do not forget to consume it in moderation and with pleasure. Cheers!

Many beer lovers do not approve of its foam on the top of the glass, so they are careful how they pour the beer. But it can tell a lot about the quality of the beer. If foam is present, but not marked on the glass like lace, even after the last sip, change the beer.

Did you know that marijuana and hops are from the same plant family? Although the two plants share many genetic similarities, marijuana is no substitute for hops in beer making.

One of the main ingredients for making beer is water. It is of key importance for its quality and good taste. Experts believe that some of the best and purest water for making beer in the world comes from the mountains of Ireland.

The glass you drink beer from also affects its taste. If it has a handle or is made of thick glass, this will prevent your drink from warming up with your hands.

Zitology is a term used to study and trace the entire brewing process.

Did you know that the first professional brewers were women?

There are 400 different types of beer, with Belgium having the most individual beer brands in the world.

The most expensive beer Vielle Bon Secours is so expensive that it is only available in one bar in London. Its price is around 700 lira per bottle.

Beer contains almost all the minerals we need. Which means if it remains the only drink on earth, we may survive as it is a good source of energy and nutrients.

Beer makes us smarter! A study by British specialists has found that women who drink beer in moderation have better cognitive function than those who do not like the drink.

But beer can also help strengthen our bones by protecting bone mineral density due to its high levels of silicon.

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