What should you never mix alcohol with?

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What should you never mix alcohol with?
What should you never mix alcohol with?

Every time we overindulge in alcohol we tell ourselves it's the last time. So until next time! Familiar story. Even if you don't have a problem with alcohol, good company, high spirits and loud music can be pretty serious reasons to abuse drinks.

But there are also some things that, in combination with alcohol, cause real hell. To protect yourself from the terrifying side effects of sinister combinations, check out what you should never mix with alcohol!


In general, no medicine is absorbed by the body normally when combined with alcohol. But some are particularly dangerous because alcohol can greatly increase or decrease their effect.

Furthermore, when the blood is saturated with alcohol and chemical substances, the reactions that can follow affect the brain extremely badly and can lead to quite serious and risky conditions.

Medications that you must not mix with alcohol are painkillers, antidepressants, antibiotics, antihistamines, decongestants, cough syrups.

The risk of losing motor control increases sharply. Blood vessels become extremely narrow, which prevents the free passage of blood. Even simple acetylsalicylic acid (known as aspirin) becomes even more dangerous when combined with alcohol, because the risk of bleeding, stomach and duodenal ulcers increases.

If you happen to make a bad combination of alcohol and drugs, the likely symptoms you may experience are palpitations, severe dizziness, drowsiness, depression, incoordination, nausea, vomiting, stomach upset. The danger of immediate serious liver damage is quite high.

Energy Drinks

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks may seem harmless at first glance, and the promotional combinations at restaurants are always tempting, but it carries a lot of he alth risks.

Under normal circumstances, most people feel sluggish and sleepy after a few drinks. But throwing energy drinks into the picture can slow down that awareness process, and so the concept of "too much" gets blurred.

In this way, a person absorbs huge amounts of alcohol, and the large doses of caffeine in energy drinks further increase blood pressure, in addition to constricted vessels. This combination poses really serious dangers to he alth and life.


Marijuana is allowed for medical purposes in some states. We don't have it, but many people still use it with alcohol. Mixing the two substances greatly reduces the ability to coordinate and slows down reflexes. Severe fatigue, lethargy and blurred consciousness appear.

Office Parties

This combination may turn out to be one of the most sinister! Getting drunk in front of colleagues is sometimes not so scary, especially if you are already close and even friends. But if you expose yourself to your boss or colleagues from other departments, it's not sure what exactly will happen to your reputation from here on out.

Some people have bad drunks and can seriously expose themselves to their professional partners, so it is not advisable to do this dangerous combination, not in large quantities.


Many studies and doctors now allow the consumption of small amounts of less concentrated alcohol, such as wine, during pregnancy. But abuse remains absolutely prohibited.

It carries the risk of serious harm to the baby, miscarriage and complications for the mother.


Common sense doesn't always prevail and all kinds of horrific shooting accidents happen when combined with a good amount of alcohol. The risk of death is greatly increased by alcohol use and "playing" with firearms.


This is one of the biggest problems worldwide, and in our country as well. Drunk driving takes more than 1 million victims a year! Why is it necessary, we ask ourselves, but there is no meaningful answer, unfortunately.

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