Symptoms of stress that we rarely notice

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Symptoms of stress that we rarely notice
Symptoms of stress that we rarely notice

Stress is a part of almost everyone's life. Although we do not notice it, busy everyday life and problems affect not only mental, but also physical he alth. The body is an accurate barometer and has the ability to alarm when something is wrong. Emotional stress causes the body to release more stress chemicals like cortisol.

This gradually begins to affect physical he alth such as a decline in the immune system, irritability, sudden weight gain or loss, and many other symptoms. There are several warning signs that the body sends when stress is more than normal. See who they are.

Stomach pain and nausea

You've probably experienced this malaise before an exam or other important event. The nervous system in the human body is complex. He has nerves everywhere. They send impulses from the site to the brain and back. During severe stress, you may feel stomach pains, nausea. Stress can also cause constipation.

Hair Loss

This ailment is more often noticed in women than in men because ladies are more emotional. During times of stress, the levels of androgens (sex hormones) in men increase. This affects the condition of the hair follicles and can therefore lead to intense hair loss.

Twitching of the eyelids of the eye/eyes

Involuntary muscle spasms of the eyes often occur in the presence of stress. Eyelid twitching is usually not painful, but it is unpleasant.


The skin is also as sensitive as any other organ in our body. Pay attention to it, especially if unpleasant acne appears for no reason. Ladies should know that stress is one of the main culprits for the appearance of wrinkles too.

Back and whole body pain

Stress increases heart rate, blood pressure, and also causes muscle tightness. If your job is at a desk and you are not sitting in the right position, this immobility is a type of stress for the whole body. Make short movements and get yourself a maximally comfortable chair for work.


Tension and stress can lead to the formation of rashes, neurodermatitis or worsen an existing skin problem.

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