Why does white wine affect women worse than red?

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Why does white wine affect women worse than red?
Why does white wine affect women worse than red?

Many women prefer red wine as a drink. White wine affects some women badly. It is no coincidence that you will often hear people say that white wine is a man's drink and some women do not prefer it because it causes them some discomfort.

Have you ever wondered why white wine can cause certain disorders in some women and even depression?

Researchers suggest that this may be due to the ingredients in white wine. For some specific reasons, women react to white wine a little differently than other types of alcohol.

White wine contains sulfites

Research shows that they are much more than sulfites in red wine. They are associated with the appearance of gloom, depression and lack of mood after consuming white wine. Sulfites can also cause headaches, allergies and other ailments.

These are naturally present in the grapes, but more are added during fermentation to remove the yeasts and microbes produced during the ripening process.

White wine contains more sugar

According to world wine standards, white should contain 10 times more sugar than red.

Women react faster to alcohol

Studies have found that women not only get drunk faster, but also have more severe hangovers than men.

Here are some tips on how to drink white wine without harming your he alth:

Be careful with the quantity

If you decide to drink white wine, drink in small glasses. A standard white wine glass holds about 125ml of liquid. You can afford an average of 2 or 3 such glasses at least 3 hours apart.

Avoid self-provocation

If a glass of wine is the way to relieve stress or is a regular companion to your dinner, you better replace it with an hour of sports or pure water. This will protect you from the often harmful effect of white wine in case it makes you feel bad.

Maintain alcohol-free days

Take a break from alcohol. Do something like a diet - days without any alcohol. This way you will cleanse the body of sulphites that cause problems.

Drink wine with lower alcohol content

There are milder wines that wouldn't affect you as badly. In case your favorite wine is white, just go for a lighter variety.

Pamper yourself

Save especially for more expensive wine. So you'll want to pounce on it and drink it in no time.

Always monitor how much you drink

If you know that overdoing white wine brings you more negatives than pleasure, do not allow yourself to overdo it. Keep track of the amount of wine you drink and use moderation. This is the best way to protect yourself from a bunch of bad consequences.

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